Your Style v Trends

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We all know about trends, they come and go, in fashion, in music and of course interior design.  Trends are great to get inspiration from but they date quickly and can make your space look very tired in as little as 12 months.  Instead we encourage clients (everyone really) to learn their style and apply that to their home for timeless appeal, here are my top tips on using trends while being true to your personal design preferences;

  1. Learn what you like and don’t like and why, basically learn your interior design style. Do you like Scandinavian style, Shabby Chic, Hamptons, Industrial etc etc, find out what your style is to avoid the lure of trends.
  2. When a trend does appeal to you and works in your style, apply it carefully and in small doses.
  3. Trends don’t just apply to looks or style, they also apply to materials, for example copper, marble or black hardware eg taps so do your homework and ensure these new materials will stand the test of time in terms of quality and functionality.
  4. Wait, if you like a trend don’t just jump in, wait to see if this trend has longevity and therefore worth the investment of buying pieces.
  5. Hype, trends usually come with hype such a terms like ‘must have’, don’t buy into the hype. Instead curate your home with pieces chosen with intention and attention, that you have a connection with, love or simply work with your style.

As a creative person I love observing trends, it’s exciting, new colours, shapes, patterns, materials, it’s glorious to see new things that can inspire and keep a space fresh while staying true to your style.  Learn your style, how to create it and where to shop for with our eStyling KIT.