Working with an Interior Designer

Interior Designer Melbourne


Interior Designers are not magicians, they can work wonders but like magicians who have assistants they can magically cut in half, interior designers need their clients to assist and trust in the interior design process for the best interior design results.  Communication and collaboration are key, here are my top tips on how to work successfully with your interior designer;

1)      Do your homework – with so many online tools this simply means keeping a Pinterest account with images you like.  You can also collect interior design magazines and mark the images you like for future reference.  Knowing what you like and what you want from the beginning is very helpful.

2)      Be honest about your budget – interior designers will have a varied suppliers contact list to suit a wide range of budgets.  You don’t need a lot of money for a great looking space but you do need a budget and you need to tell your interior designers what this is.

3)      Trust the interior design process – experienced interior designers will have a process they follow to deliver the best possible results.  Clients need to go on this journey with their interior designer and not take short cuts.

4)      Provide feedback always – whenever a client says they don’t like something I always ask why?  Knowing what their clients don’t like is as important as knowing what they do like, this will facilitate the research, selection and specification of various pieces.

5)      Be patient – it’s rare that a space comes together all at once, so be patient as various pieces are implemented the space will slowly take shape.


Good interior designers understand the importance of their work and your space and will not specify or recommend something unless they are confident that a) their clients will love it and b) it will work in the space.  It’s well worth being involved and contributing to the beautiful outcome of your space.