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What is an interior design walk through your property

In the last quarter of 2023 I had two walk throughs. One for my Southbank project and one for my Glen Iris project. Currently, still in progress. An interior design walk through is a a big milestone in the project because it signifies the end. It’s when you get to see your dream realised but what is an interior design walk through your property and what can you expect?

Interior design project recap

On a large project the walk through may happen months after the first meeting. For example for my Glen Iris project, the client first approached me in April 2022. We didn’t start working together until June 2022.

The builder started his work in July 2023 and the walk through happened late November 2023. That’s why a key aspect of the walk through is a recap.

A recap or reminder of some of the key functional problems there the client identified in the brief. Also, what the style goal and colour scheme is and how it was applied.

For example in high functioning spaces such as a kitchen, we’ll recap the functional problems. Such as a small sink. Which was the case in my Southbank project and highlight during the walk through how this functional problem was addressed and rectified.

At the same time we refresh the client’s memory about the aesthetic vision and colour scheme and highlight how this has been achieved in the space.

Key features of the interior design

Some spaces will have a key features, it could be a finish, fixture or fitting. In my Glen Iris project a key feature in the kitchen was a new appliance counter. In the ensuite it was a customised vanity with a special colour and curved sides.

During the walk through going to each space that was part of the scope of the project allows my builder and I to point out the key features.

These features are special elements. Elements that bring wow factor. So they’re highly anticipated and worth pointing out to demonstrate to the client how this special feature was realised.

Review of the interior design and construction

During the walk through there is an opportunity for the client to review the workmanship, special features and in general how the specifications came together cohesively.

But it’s also important for myself and the builder to review the project implementation. To talk about any sticking points and demonstrate to the client how these were overcome with a seamless quality finish.

For example in my Glen Iris project the size of the architrave around the kitchen window isn’t the same size on each side. It’s had to be wider on one side to avoid a column of cut tiles.

At the time the client was unhappy about this solution but in reality didn’t even notice until we pointed it out.

This kind of review is important to ensure the client understands the outcome of any issues encountered along the way. Also to demonstrate our problem solving skills and mindset.

Questions about the interior design and construction

During the walk through it’s also important for clients to review the space, touch the surfaces, look closely at everything and ask questions.

After all it’s their home and this walk through has been a long time coming. Most clients are excited, but some are also nervous.

So the opportunity to ask questions for clients is very important. This way they get to understand the journey of the build, and why certain things have worked out the way they have.

A floor plan and specifications only tell part of the story. It’s not until seeing the space completed that the story actually comes together.

Some questions my Glen Iris clients asked included the location of the pendant in the dining zone. The height of the vanity. The finish on the aluminium windows. The quality of the paint work and so on.

Both my builder and I encourage our clients to listen carefully, investigate closely and ask as many questions as possible.

Touch ups, scratches etc

While we work hard to deliver a successful outcome, I always maintain that there is no such things as a perfect space.

Buildings have quirks, trades people make mistakes, miscommunications happen. So it’s important for clients to review their home carefully to advise the builder of any issues.

Issues can be small or big. For example, paint touch ups or scratches on the cabinetry. If there is a scratch on the cabinetry then this will be replaced. Any paint touch up means the painter needs to come back on site.

Myself and my builder are close to the project and while we do our best to notice any problems, it’s also the client’s responsibility with fresh eyes to point things out too.

With any touch ups, such as paint, it may mean you can’t move in straight away. So while a walk through generally signifies the end of the project there might be a few finishing touches that require certain trades to come back on site.

With scratches to cabinetry you can move in as there will be a lead time to ordering the new panel before it can be installed.

My advice to clients is to look closely and to be just a little more patient for touch ups to be rectified before they move in.

Final word about the interior design walk through

The walk through is an important part of the interior design process. It signifies the end of a big part of the construction process but there might be fiddly little things that need to be addressed. Sometimes this means a delay in moving in and sometimes it doesn’t.

I also advise my clients to be patient with the new space once they have moved in. Some clients are like ducks to water to love their new home. But others take time to adjust to the change. Things will be in a different location, so while it’s your home you will need to learn how the new space works and feels.

All you need is time to fully love your new home and appreciate all the new features that your interior designer and builder have worked had to deliver so that you can live in your version of an aspirational space.