Summer Projects

Interior Designer Melbourne

For some people, the Christmas break is a great time to undertake a project in the home from decluttering to landscaping or maybe even painting some walls.  A home project that you’ve been wanting to do for ages but just never get around to it, so here are my top tips and finally crossing some jobs off your list;

  1. Don’t jump straight in; a bit of planning will be worthwhile to get the job done properly, so spend some time reading, watching YouTube how to videos or even speaking to people at your local Bunnings.
  2. Get help; many hands make light work, so best to get help either from a friend, relative, neighbour or a local handyman. This way you can be sure of completing your project during your summer break.
  3. Borrow materials; when you’ve done your research and learnt how to do your task, instead of over spending on materials you may only use once, put a call out to borrow as many things you need.
  4. Shop around; whatever you can’t borrow make sure you shop around for the best priced materials for your budget. Always buy the best you can afford.
  5. Allocate time; set time aside to do your job, whether it be a weekend or during your annual leave, if you plan for it AND ask for help, you’re more likely to actually getting it done.

Finally, if you’re planning on doing a spot of painting either internally or externally don’t forget our colour consultation service, choosing one colour from thousands is daunting so contact us for help in this area, we can’t landscape but we can choose the perfect colour 😉.