Style a Collection (Vignette)

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I recently had a photoshoot for a refurbished laundry/sewing room in Keilor.  My client had a wonderful array of collections from tassels, to vintage English crockery.  Over the years consciously and subconsciously she added to her collection buying and obtaining items.  It was easy for me to see a pattern and style her collection in a number of interesting ways, so this month’s top tips blog is how to style a collection;

  1. Look for patterns in your collections for example, size or colour. There will be a similarity amongst your collection.   Recently I put together a collection of items with a blue theme that included, a blue crucifix, a blue mosaic mirror and other items with the colour blue.
  2. Is your collection on a vertical shelf or a horizontal table? Displaying tall items in your collection on a vertical shelf and flat items on the horizontal table, makes it easier for people to see and admire your collection.
  3. Grouping items in odd numbers makes for a best display. I’m not sure of the science behind this but believe me it’s true, 3 items have more impact than 2.
  4. Configure your items for interest and balance, move things around until it looks and feel right. For example, items with height could be placed on either side of a group of items to achieve height balance.
  5. Change the display of your collection as you buy something new or to highlight a different item.

The best way to become good at styling a collection or vignette is practice and research, check out books and online forums for ideas but if you want professional help with your interior styling project contact us.