Select a Colour Scheme

Interior Designer Melbourne

This summer we’ve been working on a couple of colour schemes for residential new builds.  Looking at colour and materials for both external facades, combing tiles with wood, slate, glass and so on to internal wall and trim paint colours.  So this month’s top tips blog is how to choose a colour scheme for your project;

  1. A good colour scheme starts with three colours. You can add more colours such as accents but start with 3 colours first for example white, black, grey.
  2. In choosing 3 colours look at your existing pieces of furniture, any new pieces you’ve fallen in love with and want to buy, your favourite colour and/or the colours in your wardrobe.
  3. Bear in mind the colour rule of 60-30-10 whereby 60% of the volume of the space will be one colour eg; white walls, 30% of the volume of the space will be black eg; black sofa and the cushions will be grey ie 10% of the volume of the space.
  4. Define your interior design style from the outset. Some styles lend themselves to specific colours for example Scandinavian style suits, light blonde woods, whites, greys with pops of colour such as red or orange.
  5. Consider how your colour scheme can be carried throughout your home in different spaces from your living room to bathroom, even laundry for a consistent, balanced and harmonious finish.


Colour is a crucial interior design element, very powerful, affecting mood, feel and aesthetics.  There are many online resources and colour schemes to help you but to avoid confusion and ensure a perfect colour scheme contact us for a fixed fee colour consultation.