scandi home office

Scandi Home Office

So many of us are working from home now and this presents a fantastic opportunity for you to create a home office that suits you, your space and your style. A home office doesn’t require many pieces but it does need the right pieces working beautifully together to create a functional space.

Focal Pieces

With this concept we zeroed in on the focal piece, the Patrick desk. I loved the felt partition which doubles up as a notice board, a highly functional piece. The other highlight of this desk is the curved line of the partition. Our offices tend to use a horizontal line, so this is a nice change.

To work with the Patrick desk, I found the Nosta office chair, I loved this because of it’s curved line also, a nice repetition of this line found in the desk, a great partner and how comfy does it look?

Depending on where your home office is and the flooring in that that space, you might need a rug, just to keep things warm, comfort and ergonomics are key in a home office and nobody wants cold feet if they’re sitting on a tiled or timber floor for a long time.

Storage Solution

Storage is key in a home office, just like anywhere else in the house, it needs to be purposeful. The Flynn bookshelf is handsome without being bulky and perfect for office essentials, files, books, paper, stationery etc.

The finishing touches include; the Ivy wall clock which will help you keep your office hours and take your breaks to ensure you maintain a work life balance and I love art and think a home office is a wonderful opportunity to add some more beauty into your home so I’ve chosen the Grey Odyssey Canvas Print here. Finally, the Trax desk lamp in chrome and the Valrere pot plant for some plant life in your space.

For a closer look at each piece;

Patrick Desk, $584.10
Nosta Office Chair, $395.10
Winthorpe Modern Rug Ivory, from $254.65
Flynn Bookshelf, $1,979.10
Ivy Silent Wall Clock, $79.15
Grey Odyssey Canvas Print, $144.45
Trax Desk Lamp Chrome, $38.95
Valere Pot Plant, $59.96

Key features for that Scandi feel include a mostly neutral colour scheme of grey and white, the use of light woods such as oak and pine and a slim line found in the desk’s base and bookshelf.

Don’t forget to check dimensions and we receive a commission.

Email us so we can create a home office moodboard just for you and you style.