Sara Jade Hair & Beauty Part II

In part II of my Featured Design of Sara Jade Hair & Beauty, I look specifically at the space and how Sara realised the vision for her salon.

Interior Designer Melbourne
Sara Jade

Sara Jade personifies her own hairdressing salon which she describes as being simple, bold, glamorous and stylish.  The salon is predominantly filled with pieces and objects that support the purpose of the space with ample negative space for easy movement between the different zones of reception, cutting, washing, beauty and so on. In the foreground are the cutting chairs and mirrors and in the background the basins and preparation area.

Interior Designer Melbourne

The entrance is simply elegant with images of Sophia Lauren and Audrey Hepburn that set the scene for the Sara Jade beauty experience, explemified by a luxurious sky blue velvet French style sofa.  A combination of horizontal and vertical lines are apparent in this space. The vertical lines found in the tall mirrors help give the space a subtle formality which supports the classic elegant look and feel. The horizontal line is found in the handy ‘dresser’ drawers below the mirrors for clients to place their bag in, which are highlighted by metalic handles. There are also minimal curved lines to add a touch of French styling.


Interior Designer Melbourne
Beauty room
Interior Designer Melbourne
Cutting chairs, draws and mirrors

The simplicity of the colour scheme of black, white, grey/silver is elegant and beautiful and helps to ensure the clients feel glamorous.  With rich textures such a high gloss, velvet, metallic and glass the salon is brought to life as a beautiful space that delivers a range of beauty services.  Mostly functional down lights are present with some natural light coming through the front ceiling to floor window. A feature pendant light at the reception adds a touch of class to the space.

Interior Designer Melbourne
Sky blue bofa

Key patterns include the tufted cushion sofa, the repeated vertical lines in the baroque styled mirrors and the horizontal line of the gloss drawers.  Important interior design principles are achieved in this space to make it a triumph for example, balance. All the key pieces and objects are placed so that there is equilibrium across the space. Due to repetition in line and colour there is a visual link for the eye to move around the space with ease and the different zones help to create a rthythmic flow of movement. The cutting chairs and mirrors form the emphasis which supports the primary function.

With clients ‘loving’ the space and employees enjoying working there, Sara Jade has achieved a harmonious salon for everyone who spends time there.

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