Reviewing a Floorplan

Interior Designer Melbourne



June’s top tips blog included my 5 top tips on briefing an architect or draftsperson.  Once you have plans you need to critically assess them and provide constructive feedback regarding any changes, what the change is and why.  Here are my top 5 tips on reviewing your floor plan;

  1. Ask the person who drew the plans to talk you through them and explain what the various symbols means. Drawings can seem complicated and without an explanation it will be hard to review the plans constructively.
  2. Remind yourself what you asked for in the brief. Have your requests and priorities been addressed?
  3. Get 3D drawings. Many people can’t visualise a space based on drawings, reviewing 3D images in conjunction with 2D drawings is a good way for you to understand the proposed plans.
  4. When providing feedback and requesting changes be clear why. What has changed in your thinking?  Providing reasons will help the architect (or draftsperson) understand your rationale and better meet your requirements.
  5. In being clear, it’s a good idea to be flexible too. Sometimes clients have a fixed idea that may not work for whatever reason, be open to the solutions presented to you as long as they meet your requirements.


You will think and talk about your project a lot.  It will occupy your time, and require a lot of money, mostly likely be the cause of some stress.  You may get confused and frustrated, which is why clear communication is vital and being clear on your goals from the outset is critical.  Engaging an interior designer to walk you through this process, and keep you on track could be invaluable.