Property Styling Rewards

If you’ve ever bought or sold a house or apartment in Melbourne there’s a big chance the property was styled.  Property styling is so important in today’s competitive real estate market that I asked Kylie Espandiar, Director of KE Decoration & Design to share her top tips;

  1. Make your property stand out, because a carefully prepared property will always stand out from the rest. A stylist will go through the property and assess what items can stay, be removed, or replaced to create beautiful focal points in your property, highlighting the property’s best features which will assist in creating an emotional connection for potential buyers. This includes pointing out maintenance including cleaning and providing furniture hire options.
  2. Ensure the outside of your property tells a story about what buyers can expect on the inside. When potential buyers arrive at your property, what do they see? Is your property well maintained? Freshly painted, garden pruned and presentable? Remember you have 3-6 seconds to create an impression.
  3. Less is more, remove all family images and religious symbols and create a neutral environment. It’s a great time to declutter and Spring clean. Once excess items are removed your spaces will appear larger and less distracting, allowing potential buyers to see themselves living in the property.
  4. Create focal points in each room, points of interest in each space will allow potential buyers to move through the property and be greeted by touches of personality complementary to the property’s style. This could be a beautiful art work, some gorgeous cushions, a well styled vignette.
  5. Creating visual consistency, a cohesive colour palette and theme throughout the property will give buyers a real sensory experience so they can establish that all important emotional connection to the property.


I often inform vendors that you only get ONE shot to make the most of your greatest asset and with property styling so commonplace there is no doubting the financial rewards by having your property styled.  For more information or bookings email: kedecorationdesign@consultant.com.