The Spade, Glenroy

Client Goals

The Spade, by JVGL Enterprises Pty Ltd, who gave us Sycamore Meadows, wanted to bring to a life a space harnessing cool, LA rock ‘n’ roll vibes with a brave minimal style goal –  wanting to achieve a balanced monochrome industrial space with abundant foliage with soul and subtle rock n roll references.

What We Delivered

Due the client’s preference for a monochrome colour scheme, our design strategy with The Spade was to ensure that every surface was treated with either texture or pattern.  We felt that due to the size of the converted warehouse these two design elements would ensure the space was soulful, warm and welcoming.  The other challenge with a largely monochrome colour scheme is colour balance, therefore we designed the space so that predominantly the vertical surfaces were white and the horizontal surfaces black.

Another important aspect to this design was a balance between masculine and feminine, the space itself was larger industrial and masculine so our specifications focused on balancing that with curved lines, found in the seats, columns, penny round tiles and the custom mesh shelving.  The softness of the curved line was paramount to ensure the space’s overall aesthetic.

To tap into the subtle rock ‘n’ roll vibes a neon sign was added with a lyric from Butch Walker and there are stylised rock ‘n’ roll prints.  The foliage was equally important and a large part of the brief, the colour, textures, shapes and shadows that the hanging garden delivers just lift the space and gives it life.


Photography by Michelle Broadhurst.

Tables by Cafe Ideas

Chairs by Matt Blatt

Stools by Relax House

Communal Table by Calibre Furniture

Tiles by Luscombe Tiles

Counter Stone by Quatum Quartz

Artificial Plants  by Designer Plants