Sycamore Meadows Cafe, Reservoir

Client Goals

JVGL Enterprises had a clear vision for Sycamore Meadows.  Inspired by their favourite musician Butch Walker,  the brief we developed was for a conceptualised café evoking the feelings of relaxed LA vibes from the music, to the eclectic food, and warm weather.  Key space objectives included; warmth, friendly, wanting customers to feel relaxed through good customer service, good ambient music, the right buzz, comfortable seating, and attractive food aromas.  A pleasing, efficient space, with a clear synergy between food, interior design and business name/visual identity.

What We Delivered

From familiar industrial elements to the new LA influences, Grace Interior Designs delivered a concept that is reminiscent of an American country club with a modern twist.  The key connecting element between the client and their inspiration of Butch Walker was the tartan/check pattern, this element became an important feature of the space.  We tapped into the American country club feel through the tartan, the tufted cushion banquet seating reminiscent of a traditional Chesterfield sofa and the timber cladding.

Industrial elements were also key features which were incorporated into the space through material and texture.  For example, the use of concrete in the flooring and the exposed concrete wall and the concrete communal table.  Other traditional industrial materials include metal and wood, found in the seating, tables, waiter’s station and the metal wall planters.

For any cafe the entrance is key and in Sycamore Meadows we created a statement through the shapes and patterns for examples the hexagonal tile flooring and chevron fascia on the counters working well with the marble counter top.   The entrance is differentiated from the main floor as a transitional zone through the different flooring and seating options.

The main floor features tartan wallpaper and timber cladding with a mixture of images paying homage to Butch Walker and a paired back but striking vertical garden full of circular metal planters with succulent plants and a tan tufted button banquet seating option that expands the length of the cafe which itself adds a stylistic touch.

Also referencing Butch Walker is a traditional yellow Stay Gold neon sign positioned on the exposed concrete wall at the entrance providing a striking contrast in colour and a talking piece that’s easily photographed.

Testimonial (by Client and Cafe Customers)


“From the outset Grace Interior designs provided solutions and guidance  to our brief which was to find subtle ways to pay homage to our love of food & coffee while incorporating an LA style with references to our favourite artist Butch Walker. Coming in under budget & exceeding our expectations GID delivered a stunning space which speaks to the foodies as well as the local who wants to dine with the family. Colours, fabrics and surfaces were all considered and carefully, culminating in a cafe that will provide a practical & personal space for all.”


Cafe Customers

“Lovely interior, cutlery and crockery. Really pleasant friendly vibe and great service. Absolutely loved the food I had a bowl which had cauliflower, pumpkin and chickpeas and it was absolutely delicious. Highly recommend this place!” – Genevieve

“Being quite familiar with LA, I think the vibe (of SM) is spot on without being cheesy Venice Beach, probably something I’d see in Westwood.  Love it.” – Anon customer.


Photography by Michelle Broadhurst.

Tables, stools and chairs by Cafe Ideas

Banquet seating by Hospitality Furniture Concepts

Communal table by Nordik