Residential Apartment, Southbank

Interior Design Story

Sensual, tactile, refined but not stuffy, elegant, comfortable, welcoming, moody. These were the goals my client said he wanted to achieve in his residential apartment, Southbank.

Overlooking a stunning vista of Melbourne’s Arts Centre, the MCG, the Botanical Gardens and even the bay, the interior had to be carefully curated to complement the external landscape.

The key to achieving my client’s goal was to address the white walls. With such an abundance of natural light, I was happy when my client was keen to explore dark grey walls. This colour set the scene for bringing a high level of sophistication to the space as well as accentuating the view.

Another key element to this project was creating zones in the open plan living area. Due to the volume of space the layout included a sitting zone, a TV watching zone and a dining zone. Getting three zones gives the impression of space, abundance and choice.

To focus on the sensual and tactile elements of the space, the number of pieces had to be minimal. This way the velvet in the armchairs is noticeable. The leather in the sofa stands out and the goats hair cushions make a statement.

A low line was also important in this project so that each piece is at the same eye level allowing users of the space to enjoy the beautiful view.

This residential apartment Southbank project comes to life at night. When all the ambient, colourful light of the surrounding monuments are lit up. In this instance the space provides a seamless transition from the interior to the dark exterior.

My client wanted to create a space that reflects achievement, personality, loves and interests. With each piece being carefully curated, and colour mindfully applied, a liveable space was created for my client to enjoy and share with family and friends.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann