Residential Apartment, Southbank III

Interior Design Story

For this project the goal was to renovate the apartment for my clients who were about to get married. The apartment needed an aesthetic update but some key functional problems needed to be addressed also.

Namely the size and layout of the kitchen and main bathroom. Primarily the kitchen was too small. With very little counter space, sharp edges, a concealed fridge (not integrated) and a sink that didn’t fit the client’s largest pot.

The bathroom was also cluttered with an unused bath, very narrow space, with limited storage.

Working with the shape of the space, we decided to increase the size of the kitchen from three metres to six metres. Extending the kitchen into a single wall kitchen rather than a U shaped kitchen.

This layout would give the client greater counter space, more storage and a larger sink.

Changing the kitchen this way meant we created space in the adjacent bathroom by removing a storage cupboard next to the existing kitchen.

We also increased volume of space in the bathroom by removing the bath. These small but key changes improved the size and functionality of these showcase spaces.

From an aesthetic perspective we created a warm Modern, sophisticated, slightly Industrial, slightly Luxe look feel.

Key colours, textures and materials that helps achieved this style goal, included brass hardware, marble look splashback, wood look and black cabinetry. We also opted for a laminate benchtop rather than an engineered benchtop.

This was both a budget consideration and an aesthetic preference. To enhance the warmth and highlight the marble look splashback tiles.

Overall the aesthetic update provides this Southbank apartment with an urban sophisticated that’s expected from a city high rise apartment dwelling.

The improvement in layout to the kitchen and bathroom not only improved the functionality of the space but the overall value of the apartment.

Build by Crafted Constructions

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann