Residential Apartment, Southbank II

Interior Design Story

The interior style for this Southbank project was directed by the client’s extensive art collection. As well as art, our client has many objet d’art. Gorgeous pieces such as a taxidermy lion and sculpture of Apollo. So our design had to complement and accentuate this collection.

We started with the client’s ‘must haves’ for the key surfaces such as walls and floors. For the walls the client wanted a dark blue grey colour. For the floors the client wanted timer flooring in a herringbone pattern.

The colour we landed on for the walls was literally called Blue Charcoal by Dulux. When we tested this colour it worked well with all the natural light the apartment received and the client’s art collection, which had deep dramatic colours. For the floor we opted for a classic oak variation that wasn’t too yellow or too rustic when installed in the space.

For the key piece in the living room I chose a contemporary take on a traditional Chesterfield. The client was inspired by traditional men’s clubs and wanted to bring interior design elements from these spaces into his home. There is a luxe element to my client’s collection with tactile textures such as leather, velvet, wool and fur. As well as luxe materials such as marble and brass accents.

We worked with the existing dining table and selected grey velvet dining chairs with a curved line, brass base and overlapped back. Which worked well with the existing pink Turkish rug.

My vision for the bedroom was clear. I wanted a tartan wallpaper. This proved serendipitous as our client has Scottish heritage. The colour I chose is a deep khaki, this earthy green worked well with the leather bedhead I selected. The use of marble was extended in the bedside tables as well as the brass accent.

Our specification of the finishing touches was minimal because we had beautiful décor to work with such as the Turkish rugs.

Developing the interior style for this Southbank project was a joy given all the interesting art and art objects we had to work with. I was happy to achieve a deeply personal design outcome for this client where they could celebrate and enjoy their pieces everyday.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann