Residential Apartment, Docklands

Interior Design Story

With this residential apartment Docklands project we were blessed with stunning views both of the bay and the Melbourne CBD, as well as an abundance of natural light.

The client’s style goal was inspired by Art Deco shapes and textures. My client wanted a minimal approach that was classy and elegant.

Their preferred colours were muted neutrals such as grey, beige, blush with a pop of colour and gold accents.

As always our brief included a discussion around functionality. In the open plan living space the TV was situated in a corner, surrounded by glass and glare.

We decided to move the TV viewing zone in to the only area of the space with a wall so that we can install a TV. Fortunately there was room for a chaise for comfortable viewing or chilling by the fire or getting lost in the sea view using the swivel chairs.

Once the TV viewing function was moved from the main open plan area I had a generous volume of space to configure a living setting.

For this I was keen to find a curved sofa and paired that with a pop of colour with luxurious velvet armchairs.

In this space and throughout the entire apartment the walls were painted a light grey colour. The carpet in the open plan area was replaced with hybrid flooring with an oak look and window treatments were selected.

For the master bedroom we focused on the colour blush to create a romantic, classy, aesthetic with contrasting colour and texture.

The highlight in the bedroom are the bedside pendant lights which create a wonderful shadow pattern when switched on for added drama.

Sculptural elements were added through vases and other decorative pieces which focused on a curved line for added femininity that is grounded in natural materials such as linen cushions.

Overall the client’s interior style vision for this residential apartment Docklands was achieved through minimal pieces but maximum texture, pattern and shapes.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann