Residential Apartment, Bundoora

Interior Design Story

Our client reached out to us in May 2021 during COVID after purchasing an newly built apartment in Bundoora. As an emergency doctor, our client was particularly stressed having to cope with a pandemic. Therefore the key style goal for her apartment was that it felt like ‘home’. Home means different things to different people. But for this client home meant colour, pattern and references to her Eastern European background. Home would be the opposite of a sterile and white hospital working environment.

For the living room the rug was inspired my Macedian folk art and to ensure the bright colours remained the focus the sofa was a neutral grey. More pattern and colour was added through the cushions. We were keen not to overfill the space, so the coffee table is small but full of character with a floral pattern on the table top. To further the story of ‘home’ the floor lamp was specified to accommodate pictures of family on the two shelves. The location of the floor lamp being one of the first things the client sees when she comes home.

Inspiration for the wallpaper for the bedroom came from images of our client’s grandparents’ home in a village. A distressed effect but muted and calm compared to the bright colour and pattern of the living room. The bedhead is a solid timber forever piece with a beautiful floral pattern. This pattern is repeated in the living room to ensure cohesion and a connection between the spaces.


Images by Dasha Photography