Residence North Balwyn

Client Goals

The client was downsizing therefore, the challenge for this project was selecting the right furniture to move and then selecting new furniture and accessories that complemented existing pieces. The client’s preferred design style was predominantly modern in the open plan living area, peppered with damask patterns and oriental rugs.

What We Delivered

Focusing on the colour red and wood texture of existing pieces, additional new furniture such as the Noguchi replica coffee table, the Karizona American walnut dining table, damask dining chairs, Persian rugs and varied cushions in colour and texture, were brought in to create a stylish, welcoming, rich space combining the traditional and modern with ease.


“I’m really happy with the choices Grace Interior Designs made for my home. Trish understood what I liked and what I was trying to achieve. Overall, Trish was creative and patient and constantly provided options for me to consider. I’m particularly happy with how Trish complemented existing furniture with new fresh pieces to create a cohesive look and feel for my home.” Yiota T