Residence, Glen Waverley

Interior Design Story

The interior design strategy for this client was inspired by luxury hotels in India. Full of rich colour, warm climate, patterns,  and quality materials. Spaces that communicate wealth and stature. But also spaces that had colonial influences. The two key elements that we focused on were colour and pattern. In the living room the client wanted a ‘lush’ feel. Determining what constituted lush for our clients was key to delivering this space.

Lush include a rich blue colour for the wall. With highly patterned and textured wallpaper. Tactile materials such as velvet and silk. We used velvet in the sofas and silk in the cushions. Red and gold elevating the living room with pops of colour. The contemporary style marble coffee table was also key in communicating a luxury Indian hotel aesthetic.

As antique collectors, we were keen to use these stunning pieces. In the transitional area between the living and dining zones we placed a stunning mahogany table with a pattern iron base and live edge. We paired this piece with velvet and gold blue stools.

Moving to the dining room the blue colour still features and is accentuated by the ceiling height and the art which draws the eye up. Marble is also present for consistency.

Upstairs the bedroom goal was to create an ‘oasis’ or ‘retreat’ feel. Which was accomplished with the use of the colour green. The feature wall is patterned as pattern features throughout.

Overall this project was brought together with plant life which helps to ensure the client and guests feel comfortable in such a luxurious and opulent space.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann