Mother Melbourne, Northcote

Design Story

Previously Espresso Alley, our client wanted to refurbish this space and wanted the interior design of Mother Melbourne to pay homage to his mother.  A woman who loved to cook, to travel, gardening and of course her family.  Our Design Strategy was – to create a European inspired space, that is warm, inviting, while respecting the industrial integrity of the property.  The materials we used focused on timber, copper, corrugated iron with natural plants adding life and warmth to the space.  This project featured an ambitious graffiti mural of the client’s mother’s actual garden.


It was great working with Grace Interior Designs, on re-designing Mother Melbourne Cafe.  It was both inspiring and authentic.
On behalf of management THANK YOU!   We looking forward to working with you on our next venture.


Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann

Chairs & Tables by Cafe Ideas

Backrests by Bedsahead

Communal table by Calibre Furniture

Graffiti by Chuck Mayfield