Master Bedroom Brunswick

Client Goals

This client was creating a master bedroom and for the first time had the opportunity to create a space that was truly reflective of her personality. The client’s preferred interior design style was French Country, preferring natural rustic colours and textures, with touches of elegance. Keeping the colour palette neutral and fresh so that the accent colours of blue and orange can truly be highlighted.

What We Delivered

Focusing on natural textures such as wood, cotton and linen, we added elegance and femininity through the curved line found in the the wall paper, pendant light and sheer curtains. We were keen to create the feeling of a sunny afternoon in Provence and therefore added baskets and a Monet inspired piece of art, which the client already had.

There are traditional French features such as the cabriole legs on the tall boy and the tufted cushions found in the statement chair. Equally important where the accent colours of blue and orange which both help to communicate elegance in the curtains and rustic charm with the denim throw cushions. All these elements combined to create a wonderful fresh and elegant space.


“My bedroom is elegant, tranquil, comfortable and a space that I want to spend time in, not just to sleep in. It feels fresh and fantastic. Trish was truly professional and really knows interior design which helped me understand the design process. From creating a great concept which I could then use to visualise the end result, to constantly explaining the design rationale. Needless to say I learnt a lot about colour, texture and style. Trish is focussed and works hard to achieve your vision. I’m very happy with my bedroom and have no hesitation recommending Grace Interior Designs.” Angela K

Photography by Prue Aja