Living Room Williamstown

Client Goals

Maria’s goals for the space included an elegant, showcase space, a space that makes a good impression to visitors.  Maria wanted more colour, a modern space with touches of French classical styling.

What We Delivered

After fully assessing what Maria already had in terms of furniture, artwork and accessories and maintaining the existing colour scheme we made a few key changes such as changing the artwork, buying an oval coffee table from Coco Republic, because curved lines help to create an elegant feel, accessories from Temple & Webster were used to fill the fire place and luxurious cushions from Laura Ashley.  We then used Maria’s existing sculpture collection to add a showcase element and colour to the space.


“I asked Trish to help me with my front living room, because we hardly use this room which we filled with furniture, accessories and artwork we already had but the room was uncoordinated and sparse.

I was very impressed with Trish in our initial meeting when she suggested changing the artwork to create the showcase space we wanted.  Using our existing furniture such as sofas and artwork, Trish then found and suggested beautiful new pieces for the space such as coffee table, accessories and cushions.  We then spent some time styling the room together with our existing sculpture collection to finish the space.

We are delighted with the new look that Trish created on a limited budget and with the things we already had.  We’ve received so many comments from guests about how beautiful the room is.  Trish is a professional, generous and friendly interior designer with great style and fun to work with.  I would highly recommend Trish from Grace Interior Designs.” Maria M