Living & Dining Room, Upwey

Interior Design Story

In transforming this living & dining room Upwey, we had a good starting point with the existing sofa and coffee table. As the coffee table is a Noguchi replica, this helped to establish the interior design strategy for this project. Focusing on Mid-Century Modern interior style and Scandinavian interior style.

The tan leather sofa directed the colour palette. Our clients preferred earthy colours such as mustard, terracotta and olive which complemented the external natural landscape.

A key aspect to this space was displaying the clients’ personal collection of books and records, accentuated by a textured, mustard wallpaper. The wallpaper was an important piece that added both a ‘pop’ of colour and warmth.

Where Scandinavian interior style favours blonde woods, Mid-Century Modern interior styles prefers walnut timber. In this project it was delicate balance between finding a Scandinavian dining table in walnut and pairing that with replica Wegner dining chairs.

More warmth and texture was added in the rugs. For this space, and olive jute rug was selected for the dining zone and a textural cream rug for the living zone. The living zone is highlighted by striking olive armchairs with a typical Mid-Century Modern shape but the olive taps into the casual earthiness the client wanted to achieve. They wanted a space that was full of quality pieces but not stuffy.

The bookshelf was the last key piece in this living & dining room Upwey, to bring the space together as a focal point between the two zones but also to communicate the clients casual style by displaying their collections. Fortunately the client already had a good art selection and plenty of pot plants to complete the space with decor.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann