Living & Dining Room, Coburg

Interior Design Story

For this project the client wanted to upgrade their Ikea furniture to reflect their current life stage. Especially as their children are older.  They wanted a ‘grown up’, stylish space with quality furniture. The interior design strategy focused on celebrating the existing architectural features of the space with sophisticated pieces inspired by Colonial interior style. With a focus on the use of timber, ceramic, linen, cotton, wool, leather, with matte, and smooth surfaces.

We outlined the project goals as being; functional for everyday use and special occasions, beautiful yet practical, a comfortable reading or sitting zone for parents, and timeless products. A space that is welcoming, inviting, cohesive, with the the ability to entertain.

So the starting point for choosing pieces for this space was the colour scheme. We settled on a neutral colour scheme of white, blush, taupe and blue. Our vision for the space included taking advantage of the ceiling height with the addition of luxurious drapery. Silk effect curtains with gold tie backs which would help to communicate a tradtional colonial style sitting room. We saw this drapery being a rich blue. With that element and colour allocation, the rest of the pieces remained neutral with a focus on materiality. Such as rattan, timber, vegan leather and naturals such as cotton and linen.

Key to brining this space together was the art. Both the coastal themed art that worked well with the undertones of coastal style but its the Indigenous art and the client’s own sculptural pieces from their travels that helped to give this space its own personality and individuality.



Pieces: Contact us for details

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann