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Little Brother, Melbourne

Client Goals

I first met our clients Scarlett and Charles for Little Brother over 12 months ago, they spent a lot of time looking for the right space, working on their business plan, creating a brand aesthetic and vision for their business.  When they were finally ready to work with us they had a clear direction, they wanted to make their customers feel ‘like they were a millions miles away’ a space that was clean and fresh.  They wanted a design that communicated to customers they were in a Vietnamese eatery but not cliche.  My clients wanted a cohesive mix of colours, textures and materials found in a Vietnamese urban setting within a Melbourne back drop.

What We Delivered

For our design strategy we focused on the fan motif which we made a focal point to the design by applying it on the bar and counter facade.  We didn’t treat the key surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings primarily because the distressed industrial nature tapped into a Vietnamese colonial aesthetic.  With the addition of French seating we firmly communicate the historic influence of Vietnam.  Materials such as rattan and bamboo found in the stools, pendant lights and the basket wall art all work together to bring a warmth that is compounded by the pink neon light that reflects and creates a glow throughout the space due to the pale pink walls.  And to complete the setting a lush hanging garden adds a tropical feel reminiscent of the Vietnamese climate.


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Photography by Michelle Broadhurst.

Chairs by Cafe Ideas

Tiles by Luscombe Tiles

Wall art by West Elm

Bar tables by B Seated

Bar stools by Temple & Webster

Neon sign by Sunbury Neon