Bathroom, Ivanhoe

Interior Design Story

Our client reached out for help on their Ivanhoe extension project which included a bathroom renovation. As with all projects there were functional and aesthetic goals we needed to consider and achieve.

The client wanted a Scandinavian style bathroom and ensuite. The colour scheme was suitably neutral with a grey base and a blue and green accent colour. The inspiration for the colour in the feature tiles was the ocean.

In the brief stage of the process, the client communicated their goal was to create a calm retreat. And colour was an important part of that.

It made sense for the vanity to be a warm, natural timber material. Warmth was also added in the feature tile. Both in the colour, texture, and natural variations of the material. The feature wall works due to the neutral surrounding grey tiles.

The grey tile was chosen as the client requested the colour scheme for the bathroom be based on the colour grey and for the very subtle sweeping pattern in the tile which adds interest without competing with the feature tile.

Light was also important in both the bathroom and ensuite. Both spaces receiving a good amount of natural light but with wall sconces and LED lighting more mood and lighting options were added to the space.

The black hardware was the natural choice in this bathroom and ensuite design and specification project to provide a Modern contrast.

Minimal styling is customary in a Scandinavian styled bathroom, but with the addition of foliage and bath towels, more warmth and softness was added to counterbalance the coolness in the colours and hard materials.

The result is a simple, striking, Modern, beautiful bathroom and ensuite that is both highly functional, calm, and timeless. The extension project gave our clients more space and our design and specification ensured a beautiful outcome.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann