Bark n Beans Cafe, Mooroolbark

Hospitality Interior Design Story

Our client had recently taken over The Rusty Owl cafe on Brice St, Mooroolbark and had two primary goals by engaging us. Firstly, it was to improve some of the functional problems in the space. The functional problems ranged from poor storage, poor lighting, and a furniture layout that didn’t maximise the space and therefore capacity of the business. Secondly, the client wanted to address the interior style of the cafe.

Some of the style problems ranged from a dark bulkhead, damaged ceiling, dark colour scheme and damaged concrete flooring. Importantly the clients wanted to reflect their cultural heritage into the space. So the colour scheme and materiality all aimed to communicate village life. With a focus on raw materials, a warm and inviting design.

Specifically the clients saw the opportunity to attract a younger audience into the cafe. As well increasing their retail offering through the sale of coffee and other merchandise such as keep cups. There was a real opportunity in this shopping street to present a cafe that was ‘on trend’ while remaining charming and local.

Our hospitality interior design solution focused on materials such as warm and light timbers and rattan. The rattan back rest was a strong feature especially when installed against the contrasting green wall. Colour was key to adding interest and warmth to such a neutral colour scheme. In this space the half painted walls also impact flow of movement and direct the customer’s eye around the space and seating options.

A communal table and a range of seating options for individuals was key to attracting a younger and professionals. Each zone has its own interior design feature. For example, the communal table features green stools. The main seating wall features rattan in the back rest and pendant lights and the low bar features colour.

By adding artificial foliage for more warmth, depth of colour and pattern the space is enhanced by an improved furniture layout to increase capacity and the update capacity ensures the interior design works towards creating a thriving local cafe business.

Backrests by Bedsahead

Tables by Marlook Commercial

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann