Autumn Leaves, Flemington

Design Story

This was our third collaboration with JVGL Enterprises.  Previously we worked with them on Sycamore Meadows, Reservoir and The Spade, Glenroy.  Our clients bought an existing cafe called Noughts and Crosses and wanted to refurbish the space.  Noughts and Crosses was a predominately white space with a Scandinavian aesthetic.  Our client’s vision for the space was rooted in the local streetscape.  Pin Oak Crescent in Flemington is flanked by stunning trees and during the Autumn months their leaves are scattered throughout the street.

Also important to the vision for Autumn Leaves were elements that connected the space to our client’s two other hospitality spaces which predominantly reference Butch Walker, a rock artist based in Los Angeles.  Our client’s wanted a New York vibe inside, taking inspiration from the Brooklyn streetscape and brownstone residences and an LA, Mexicali vibe for the courtyard.

Key to achieving our client’s vision was colour, and texture, with industrial elements, and references to rock ‘n’ roll.  At the heart of our design is the grey, textural feature wall by Chuck Mayfield, who also worked on the courtyard.


Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann

Chairs and Tables indoors and outdoors by Cafe Ideas

Tiles by Luscombe Tiles

Backrests by Bedsahead

Art by Chuck Mayfield