Apartment, St. Kilda East

Interior Design Story

We were excited about this project for two reasons; firstly our client was crystal clear on their interior style goal of Minimal Scandinavian and secondly this was a bachelor pad.  It’s rare that we get to work with only male clients but love working on a mostly masculine aesthetic with warm features.  What stands out with this project is the colour scheme.

The mostly neutral Scandinavian colour scheme of white, grey, black is evident but we added a beautiful mustard accent.  This colour accent is peppered throughout the spaces from the dining room with the fabulous dining chairs, which have a stitched pattern.  In the living room the striking sunset print is mustard and in the bedroom there is a mustard throw.

Other Scandinavian style features are present such as texture, wood, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton and lots of life achieved through plants.  The addition of very personal art prints added value to this project and ensured a homely feel was achieved.  Our favourites are the sunset print and the little nod to the iconic Luna Park, drawing on the location as inspiration for this choice.

We started working on this project at the beginning of COVID19 work at home orders and we were so pleased to be able to create this haven for our client to enjoy.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann

Most furniture and decor by Zanui