Apartment, East Brunswick

Design Story

The challenge with this project was combining my client’s love of Mid-Century Modern style with glam features.  My client loves fashion and elegant, sophisticated colours and textures such as gold, and velvet.  But also really loved the classic beauty of streamlined Mid-Century Modern lines, with earthy and masculine features such as a rawhide rug and colours such as olive and mustard.

With this project I started in the bedroom. Mid-Century Modern beds are traditionally timber, therefore I was keen to find a timber bed head that was also feminine.  The Mark Tuckey slat bedhead was ideal.  High in quality, with a slatted timber feature, this focal piece achieved a horizontal line which is synonymous with Mid-Century Modern.

To accompany the bed head, I specified a bedside table with features such as a tapered leg and a wide horizontal brass handle, adding a glam element. For the bedside table lamp, I found a piece that had old world charm but most importantly a brass base.  With the glam features selected, I needed to add an earthy element which was done with beautiful 100% French flax linen bedding in gorgeous colours such as teal and mustard.  The final piece of puzzle in the bedroom was a piece of art that really resonated to my fashion frenzied client and really communicate the luxury haute-couture fashion brands.

In the lounge room, similar to the bedroom, I focused on the stand out pieces.  Selecting the beautiful mustard sofa with gorgeous lines and a tufted button feature.  I paired this with an olive ottoman with brass tapered legs to bring brass into the living room.  The coffee table has a wonderful curved shape which I think complements the bold straight line of the sofa.  The art is also standout in the living room with a Gucci piece.  An ideal way to add feminity and more glamour.

With the dining room, my client wanted to continue the key colours such as mustard, walnut and brass.  Throughout the apartment there is a wide range of plants which add texture and life to any space.  Styling this project with my client’s collection of books and treasured items was also a joy.  The end result is a space that truly reflects my client’s many life experiences and style loves.

Furniture from Adairs, West Elm, Zanui, and Castlery

Bedding from Bed Threads

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann