Airbnb, South Yarra

Interior Design Story

Our client’s goal for this Airbnb South Yarra included converting a standard one bedroom apartment with long lease tenants to a high end Airbnb. A place that is an extension of guests’ stay in Melbourne. The space should be fun and exciting space full of art, colour and interesting vignettes. Hospitable, and a comfortable space for travellers to get ready in the morning to see touristic sights or work and then relax in the evening with a drink. Finally, a space that is exciting, has wow factor and is Instagrammable.

The first task for this project was to select a colour to paint the walls. My client wanted blue walls, but which blue? I started my search for the perfect blue colour by looking at powder blue colours. But eventually landed on a colour called Blue Destiny by Dulux. This colour was warm, welcoming, dynamic but not too dark and moody.

So my interior design approach for this project was to select pieces that people may find interesting but would not be confident to purchase themselves. Therefore, starting with the living and TV zone, I chose a compact sofa with a rotund shape and low cost pink coffee table with similar lines.

The brief meant I was keen to add as much interest into the space with shape, so the next piece I selected was the white, textured bookcase. Where the shelves have different shapes and curved lines.

For the reading nook, comfy armchairs were key and I found a boucle piece in a neutral colour to allow the accent colours such as mustard to be highlighted. Then I added some mood lighting in a floor lamp that is optimised by the in built table. Perfect for guests to place their cuppa.

The bedroom

In the bedroom the first selection was the art. I liked the flecks and the pops of pinks and purple colours. So I selected a shell side table, where the shells made a similar flecked shape with the art. In this space the accent is gold which we see this in the bedside table and bedside table lamp. This hint of gold adds a luxe, chic element to the Airbnb. More texture and colour was added through a purple waffle throw, blue check cushions and natural linen bedding.

As the hallway was the first thing guests would see I wanted to add impact. The wow factor that creates an amazing first impression is a powerful geometric print wallpaper.

Overall this Airbnb South Yarra is gifted with amazing art, interesting decor, lots of colour and all the functional facilities for a perfect stay in Melbourne.

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Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann