Airbnb, Brunswick West

Interior Design Story

Our latest Airbnb Brunswick West project is special. What I enjoy about working on Airbnb projects is that this type of project requires consideration of the location. As well as the neighbourhood to be included in the interior design story. This Airbnb apartment (my own) is located in a hub in Brunswick West. Close to amenities such as transport, supermarket, bakery, pub, local eateries, parks etc. So an ideal place for an Airbnb for a range of travellers.

Furthermore Brunswick West, as an industrial neighbourhood, eclectic, diverse and creative. Which is also celebrated as part of the interior design story. As the interior style goal includes Industrial style, Mid-Century Modern and southern European influences reflecting the multicultural roots of the area.

Designed to provide a ‘lifestyle’ experience this Airbnb is transportative. With an outdoor French style cafe balcony setting, perfect for people watching, like they do Europe. The Airbnb is adorned with quality.

Found in the 100% linen bedding, 100% leather sofa, 100% solid oak dining table. Texture and natural materials add warmth and communicate quality and luxury, elevating this Airbnb from the rest.

Based on a monochrome colour scheme (my favourite) with hints of blue, red and pink for interest, each piece and finish has been selected with attention and intention. The space is peppered with vintage finds such as the French style basin and red enamel pendant.

Foliage such as dried bay leaves extends a feeling of warmth and welcoming to make guests feel ‘at home’ immediately. With such special attention to the interior design, guests are easily attracted by the images on Airbnb but long remember the experience.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann

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