Original V Replica

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A current client was keen to buy a replica piece of furniture, and as much as I want my clients to be happy I also want their spaces to be a true reflection of them – original.  Understanding the overall style my client wanted to achieve I specified an appropriate option which she loved.  Here are my top tips on how to be original;

1)      Furniture has to look good AND be comfortable.

There is no doubt that the original furniture from prolific designers such Eames looks fantastic and the original may have been comfortable BUT replicas are manufactured using cheap materials and are simply not comfortable

2)      Be discerning.

In their time the originals where well original, ground breaking in design but now given how often they’re used, replica pieces are simply unoriginal.  By spending just a little bit more time you will find beautiful original alternatives that will achieve the some look, feel and overall aesthetic.

3)      Create a story behind the purchase.

In Australia we have many brilliant designers who create and produce beautiful furniture, made from quality materials that are comfortable.  This might mean spending a little more than what you would on a replica piece BUT you will be more effectively telling your story and creating a more compelling and interesting space and investing in the local economy.

4)      Tell your story through your furniture

If interior design is about telling your story then adding replica furniture to your space doesn’t achieve your vision because this modern style and these replica pieces are simply EVERYWHERE.  What does your furniture say about you?

5)      Make the most of your budget

You have probably saved for some time to have the budget necessary to complete an interior design project, why waste your hard earned income on something uncomfortable and unoriginal.  With the help of an interior designer I can assure you your budget will afford you beautiful, quality pieces in the same modern design aesthetic.

If you need to buy new furniture and feel tempted by a replica piece, contact us first, because we’ll be able to find a beautiful original option that suits your budget and style.