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Moroccan Living Room

Moroccan interior design styles are usually vibrant with dynamic colours such as purple and deep blue.  They feature pattern and ornamentation, from tiles to Persian style rugs. Materials include leather and silk, with metallic accents such as bronzed serving trays. Moroccan interior design styles consists of dense patterns and luxurious textures such as silk.  

That’s why I love the colour twist in this moodboard, opting for a more subtle colour scheme but keeping the traditional patterns and rich textures such as velvet.

Key to this concept is the Carmela 3 Seater Sofa, it has a honeycomb quilted fabric to bring that all important pattern we find in Moroccan style and it works really nicely with the more traditional Arabesque pattern found in the coffee table.

The key difference though is the blush pink leather ottomans, paired with blue velvet cushions. All the usually textures and patterns but the toned down colours make this concept desirable for our homes as it’s not so loud.

Here are the key pieces to this moodboard

– Carmela 3 Seater Sofa – Brown Oxide
Sambar Arm Chair
Alayna Linear Pleat Throw – Blush
Moroccan Coffee Table
Indigo Dusk Oriental Rug
Mason’s Way Square Framed Print
Winslow Floor Lamp

Adding some abstract art, a modern arm chair but a more traditional Persian rug ensures this concept is obviously Moroccan but more suited to Australian pallette.

In a recent blog I talked about the most common Australian Interior Design Styles but we don’t often see Moroccan style in Australian homes. This style is brought to life in various bars and cafes such as the Spice Market. But I think with a more subtle colour scheme it would an interesting style to try.

As always though we can help you achieve this challenging style in your own home, let’s have a chat about how we can add some exotic features into your home.

Trish Khoury
Founding Director
Grace Interior Designs