Minimal Xmas Decor

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It’s hard to ignore Christmas whether you’re into it or not.  It’s everywhere and for those of us away from our families at Christmas, travelling, or living in a small apartment rather than a large family home, it may be hard to get into the Christmas spirit and make the effort to decorate your home but some decorations can make all the difference to your holiday mood, so here are my top tips on how to do minimal Christmas decorations;

1)      Pick a space you want to put up some decorations; it could be your door, living room, front bay windows or entrance.

2)      Do you have a favourite Christmas colour or Christmas symbol?  For example, you might like red and silver or your favourite Christmas symbol is a tree, a star or reindeer.

3)      Choose good quality Christmas decorations within your budget.  I don’t think buying something cheap and nasty from your local $2 shop will help boost your Christmas spirit.

4)      Start with one decorative piece first and see how you feel?  If this is enough for you great, if not build on that and add a couple of more pieces.

5)      Christmas decorations are available everywhere so it can be an incidental purchase rather than a specific shop, so once you decide on your space, colour or symbol keep an eye out, you might find that item when you’re already at the shops.

A little effort to make get home in the holiday mood will also get you inspired to spread the love and spirit of Christmas amongst your colleagues, friends and family.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas everyone enjoy the festivities and keep well and safe.