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Magical Minimal Christmas Home Decor

I’m going to be honest. While some people love Christmas, I can take it or leave it. It’s not that I’m a scrooge per se but I am cynical about all the consumerism. I also don’t get all the stress of last-minute shopping and preparations. But this year we are having Christmas at our house and my three year old niece will be with us. So we need a tree and all the other bells and whistles to ensure we give my niece a memorable, magical Christmas. But I’m thinking minimal, how can we do a magical minimal Christmas this year.

Christmas tree – real or fake

For me this is a no brainer. If we’re going to have a Christmas tree it needs to be real or a unique alternative such as a branch Christmas tree. I don’t like fake Christmas trees.

They seem like such as waste as they never look good in subsequent years because they’re so hard to store.

I have found a local Christmas tree delivery service and to ensure our tree looks fresh we’ll probably get only a couple of weeks before Christmas.

I think it’s important to dispose of your real Christmas tree appropriately, that is in the green waste and not on the nature strip. It’s not great seeing abandoned Christmas trees slowly rotting into the new year.

Christmas tree decorations

Mum wants to go traditional, that is red and green. I want to go monochrome, so black and white. I think it’s great to really personalise your Christmas tree. Rather than doing stock standard decorations choose your favourite colour. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas colour.

I prefer decorations made from natural materials not plastic. Think wooden, glass, or ceramic ornaments. I’ve seen Christmas trees with just white glass baubles and it looks stylish and sophisticated.

Choose ornaments that are good quality, store them well and re-use them. The less waste around Christmas time, the better. Cheap decorations tend to up in the garbage bin. Try shopping for unique Christmas decorations at places like Etsy.

Misc Christmas décor

There are so many other Christmas decorating options such as lighting, stockings, tinsel etc. I think it’s nice to have some Christmas décor around the house and outside of course.

For our minimal Christmas décor we’ll have a wreath and sign to let Santa know to stop by our house this year because my niece is staying over ;).

To do Christmas minimally I think you need to pick your favourite décor items. For example, you might like a wreath but not tinsel. Or stockings and not lighting. Pick your favourite type of decoration and use them discerningly.

Quality Christmas décor over quantity

In my interior design work I prefer quality over quantity. The same is true of Christmas decorations. I much prefer good quality, meaningful decorations compared to discount store decorations made from plastic.

While I understand money is tight at Christmas time, spending a little more on good quality decorations means you can use them over and over again.

It’s true that decorations can help you get into the spirit of Christmas. After all interior design is all about creating a specific mood and feel in your home and Christmas is no different.

But you can create a wonderful festive spirit in your home with minimal Christmas décor and still have a magical time. All the best for the festive season to you and your loved ones.