Love Your Workspace

Interior Designer Melbourne

Very few companies invest in interior design, which is a shame because there is evidence that an employee friendly interior improves productivity and overall wellness and job satisfaction. Despite this you can do something about your personal work space whether it’s a cubicle or office. Here are my top tips to love your workspace;


Colour has huge psychological impact, so use colours you like to improve the feel of your workspace. This could be through stationery, you can buy your own colourful stationery. You can also add colour through paper art, either tack this on the barrier between desks or put it in a frame. Even a colourful mug will make a difference.



There are more comfortable seating options available than the standard office chair your company provides and I highly recommend investing in a comfortable chair that you buy yourself. Of course this is something you can take with you if you find a new job, so consider these beautiful but ergonomic and comfortable chairs from Varier. You will breath better, better support your back and just feel better.



Improve the chi and energy flow around your workspace by understanding and implementing the basic principals of Feng Shui. This could mean correcting the position of your chair/desk, decluttering or using plants to correct any negative chi.



Declutter and dust your desk regularly. You will feel good actually clearing your desk and enjoy the cleanliness, making you feel lighter and more productive, do this often.


Take some pride in your space and enjoy the benefits of this on your work and how you feel at work. But if your company is open to changing the interior design, contact us to design a beautiful, productive, and happy work space.