Layering Your Decor

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Ok, so you’ve bought a new sofa, some cushions, a throw, and even hung some art above the sofa but your space is still flat, lacking something, or it doesn’t pop like you’ve seen in magazines.  The most likely reason for this is an interior design technique called layering.

First a definition and then my top tips…layering basically means adding interest to your space through colour, texture, pattern, and shape.  For a space that pops you need to bring all these elements together in a layered approach.

Now my top tips on layering;

  1. Let’s start with cushions, assuming you have a defined colour scheme, choose cushions of different shapes and sizes within your colour scheme. For example, if your colour scheme is black, white and grey, you might start with a black cushion with a white button, a white round cushion and a grey lumber cushion.
  2. Sideboard or shelving, you might want to create a vignette (a collection) on top of a sideboard or within a shelving unit. Group similar colours, for example a red statue with a red vase or glass vase with red flowers, shapes and balance using similar heights.
  3. Art or photo wall, in some cases a striking piece of art by itself is perfect but sometimes an interesting array of photos and art can just lift a space. Aim to do this with finding a common thread between each piece, and again use frames within your colour scheme and aim for a combo of horizontal and vertical pieces.  Don’t forget a balance approached, try out different configuration on the floor first.
  4. Textures can be layered as well, to make it easier try layering natural textures together for example; wool, cotton and linen, if you refer luxe textures aim for silk and velvet.
  5. Know your style and colour scheme from the outset. Trying to layer without an aesthetic goal is pointless but knowing your style first will make this process a lot easier.


Practice, practice, practice – layering is an expert technique used by interior designers who are trained, qualified and experienced so keep receipts of everything you buy and keep practising.  Some people have a knack and get it right but if you feel stuck and want your space to be special then contact us for a free no obligation meeting to discuss your style goal and favourite colours.