Laurent Patisserie Balwyn

Laurent Patisserie in Balwyn is initially striking by the bold blue, black and white colour scheme that definitely redirects the eye away from the delicious French pastries.

Communal marble table
Communal marble table

The long white marble communal table is immediately noticeable upon entry and is a great feature that supports the purpose of the space.  This space is long and deep with a predominantly horizontal line and various accessories support this line such as the magazine rails, long mirror and main seating booth with tufted seat back.

Perhaps because of the ample natural light the space receives the bold rich blue, black and white colour scheme works. You might think these colours are oppressive or don’t create a good mood but indeed their opulence makes you feel special.

Tufted blue booth
Tufted blue booth

Smooth textures are predominant as most surfaces are soft to touch such as the marble communal table, the laminex cafe tables, and blue vinyl seating.

Ornamental lighting features heavily in this space with two beautiful oversized lamp shade chandeliers which adds to the opulence achieved through the colour scheme. Practical downlights are also present but the ceiling to floor front windows allow for a stream of natural light that fills the space.

Antiqued mirror panelKey patterns that jump out include the marble pattern of the communal table, the tufted cushion booth that spans the length of the space and the antiqued style mirror behind the pastry display.

One aspect of the interior design that I was unsure about was the oversized features such as the light fittings and communal table. At first I thought they were too big for the space but because there are few accessories and the focus is on key elements such as the colour scheme, I think that despite these oversized pieces they are in proportion to the overall space.

Finally, the French theme is achieved through the bistro style cafe chairs, antiqued mirror panel and black baroque frames with modern touches such as the flat screen TV that combine to make this cafe a joy to be in.