Kitchen Design Pt 2

Interior Designers Melbourne

Last month’s blog, Kitchen Design Pt 1, included tips I received from an experienced carpenter which focussed on the building aspect of kitchen design, this month I share my top tips for the best outcomes of a kitchen design;

  1. Plan your space – there are many different kitchen configurations and the choice you make depends on how you use the kitchen, to the space you have to work with, so planning is key.
  2. Storage – in planning your kitchen, consider YOUR storage needs and what do you need to be easily accessible. We all use our kitchens differently from how and what we cook to how we eat and entertain.  Also consider your future needs especially if kids are in the picture, you want to plan your kitchen and build in storage to suit your long term needs.
  3. Budget – what’s your budget for everything from design, cabinets, sinks, taps, handles, appliances, labour/installation etc. You can have a beautiful kitchen without stone benchtops and all the latest trends and gadgets and this is where planning is important.
  4. Style – what is the look you want to achieve, starting with the end in mind will help you make important decisions such as the colour, finish and profile of your cabinets, to what handles you want.
  5. Colour – what’s your existing colour scheme, if you’re refurbishing, or if it’s a new kitchen what colour scheme do you want?  You want your kitchen to work with the existing style and colours to stand the test of time.

This year we’ve helped two clients with their kitchen selections from materials, colours, handles, to lighting.  There’s a lot to consider and an interior designer can facilitate this process for you to ensure the hub of your house is functional and beautiful.  If you’re planning or currently struggling with a kitchen design contact us.