Kitchen Design Pt 1

Kitchen refurb, Brunswick

This past month we’ve been dealing with storm damage to our kitchen and I’ve found it interesting talking to the various trades people the insurance company has sent about their trade, the quality of construction these days and of course kitchen design.  Here are the top tips I received from an experienced cabinet maker about designing kitchens;

1)      Laminate is best for cabinets and doors. Over time vinyl can peel due to heat.

2)      Granite is the best material for benchtops.  It has a beautiful natural grain finish compared to Cesearstone.

3)      Don’t use any type of wood flooring in the kitchen whether it’s real or floating, wood flooring does not cope well with water damage.       And if you have a stone bench top sitting on cabinets on a wooden floor, repairs can be tricky, and expensive.

4)      Melamine cabinets withstand some water damage better than chipboard which swells.

5)      On large draws place one handle in the centre to ensure the longevity of the tracks.

I loved these practical tips from a true craftsman but at the end of the day kitchen design takes into consideration a lot of factors from budget, appliances, configuration, style, usage, space, lighting, colours and so on.

An interior designer can help you navigate all the choices to ensure you make the right decisions for your kitchen, unlike retailers such as Freedom and Ikea, who’s main goal is to sell their product.

If you’re embarking on a kitchen design whether new or a refurbishment contact us to discuss your project.