Iberica Farringdon

As well as the colour palette black white and grey I’m obsessed with Spain and Spanish culture, including their designers. You don’t have to think too hard to find great Spanish design from Gaudi to Zara. So it was no surprise that on a recent visit to London, I was immensely impressed by the interior design of a chain of Spanish tapas restaurants called Iberica, specifically the Farringdon branch.

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Main dining area

Immediately I was taken by the classical rich colour scheme of mainly browns, warm whites, and golden yellows. Dark brown wood dining tables, chairs and framed mirrors. White marble front bar, white painted exposed brick and white ceramic tiling in the bathroom. Warm yellows in the glow of the various ornamental lighting and tile features.

Luxurious patterns and textures especially velvet on the dining seats was a rare treat. This space is a space of opposites, brining luxury to a disused industrial space which has been integrated within the beautiful textures.

Melbourne interior designers
Aerial view of main dining area

What I absolutely loved was that the same level of luxury being applied in the bathrooms. With distressed mirrors, fabulous gloss copper tiling and wide ceramic sinks. Including proper hand towels to dry your hands, hand wash and hand cream. These accessories may seem excessive but are important finishing touches to a carefully thought out bathroom design.

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Front bar

There is a strong Moorish influence in Spanish design and there are elements of this found in the use of turquoise in the front bar and yellow ceramic floral tiles. It’s subtle but evident and a nice touch.

Spanish design is so diverse and means something different to everyone but I think generally we’re accustomed to seeing more vibrant colour and eccentric ideas when we think of Spanish design, which is why I was impressed by this classical interpretation of Spanish interior design. Moreover the food and service were on par with the design making the whole experience something truly memorable.