Hellenic Republic

When I first visited Helllenic Republic I was totally impressed by the attention to detail of the interior design and the food wasn’t half bad either. Obviously, the main purpose of this space is dining and entertainment through Greek hospitality and food. This is highlighted through features such as the large communal mosaic table, and the busy open kitchen.

Hellenic Republic Facade
Striking entrance to Hellenic Republic.

There is no doubt you’re in a Greek eatery with the use of iconic colours such as blue and white. These are the colours of the Greek flag, the Mediterranean sea and the white washed island homes. These colours are used to provoke the immediate feelings of Greek hospitality and to unlock memories of homeland or holidays and are ideal for the desired purpose.

Traditional timber and rattan chairs
Traditional timber and rattan chairs.

A variety of textures blend well in this restaurant, for example marble table tops are used with traditional timber and rattan chairs. There are ceramic tiles found on the mosaic table top and the kitchen. Rustic timber is also present, the natural texture of the lobster pot lanterns add to the desired mood of familiarity, Greek identity and hospitality.

Hellenic Republic Lobster Pot Lanterns
Lobster Pot Lanterns

During the day there is plenty of natural light coming in from the front wall to floor windows and the side windows that span the length of the restaurant. At night the artificial light is used with effect. There are spot lights and candles to bring a little intimacy to the large room. The kitchen light is like a beacon, much brighter, understandably than the rest of the lighting.

A few issues I found from an interior design perspective was that when the space was full, it’s cramped, restricting ease of movement and noisy which impedes the purpose of the space as conversation can be difficult.

Overall, this space is functional and meets its purpose of dining and entertainment.  Key features such as lighting and colour contribute to the harmony despite the cramped feel. What is evident about this space is the attention to detail, the same love and pride that goes with Greek hospitality was applied to the interior design.

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