Getting Quotes

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Getting quotes from a trade person for a small or large job in your home can be difficult.  I’m sure you have experienced calling for a quote and you were quoted a ridiculous price over the phone, or made an appointment for the person to come and they didn’t turn up or you left a message and never heard back, this can be really frustrating; so here are my top 5 tips on getting quotes from trade people.

  1. Don’t rush it, you may want to get the job done quickly but it’s worth taking the time to find the right person to do your job. A trades person who responds professionally to your call, takes the time to understand the job and quotes in a timely manner.
  2. Never accept a quote over the phone. This is especially true for larger jobs, I don’t think you can fully articulate the complete job over the phone and I don’t think the trades person can fully understand the full extent of the work without meeting you on site and seeing the project.
  3. Get quotes in writing. This is important because it’s an opportunity to ensure the job is understood and confirmed before commencement.
  4. Seek word of mouth referrals. It’s great to get good recommendations but these recommended professionals still need to respond in a timely manner, be professional, provide quotes in writing etc.  If they don’t, then look online or in your local paper for suitable trades people.
  5. Seek out at least 3 quotes to compare on price, inclusions, exclusions and terms & conditions.  Getting at least 3 quotes, gives you a realistic indication of how much you can expect to pay.


You get what you pay for. You may receive 3 quotes and one is expensive, mid range and cheap.  Think twice about going for the cheapest option.  You want to select the best person for the job not the cheapest.  A trades person who will work cleanly, respect you and your property, answer your questions and provide a good level of customer service.  When seeking quotes the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to give yourself time to find the right person at the right price and to review and compare your quotes carefully to avoid any nasty surprises after work has commenced.  To discuss your interior design project contact us for advice and recommendations.