Get Into Pot Plants

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In case you haven’t noticed indoor plants are all the rage at the moment and for good reason; pot plants bring life into your space, they naturally add to the aesthetic through colour and shape and simply make us feel good, here are my top tips on selecting pot plants for your space.

  1. Get expert advice, take a picture of the spot or space you’d like to put some plants, preferably when there is the most sunlight available and at what time. This way the person at the nursery can advise what plants to buy that will be suitable.
  2. Be fun and creative with your pot stands, pots and even hanging options. Choose options that work with the style of your space. (Learn your Style)
  3. Look after your plants, dust and water regularly, nothing brings a space down faster than dead or droopy plants.
  4. Choose plants for your bedroom carefully, choose calming options that help you relax, that support the primary function of the space.
  5. Don’t over do it, a few plants will make a difference a lot could feel overwhelming.


We all need to connect to nature more in life so bringing some easily manageable foliage into your home will work wonders for you and your space.