Finance Your Project

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One of our key values at Grace Interior Designs is accessible design.  What this means to us is that interior design and the privilege of living in a beautifully functioning and aesthetically pleasing space is available to all people not just the rich and famous.  Recently I was speaking with a financial planner, Cody Harmon, winner of the National AFP Financial Planner of the year award and he shared with me his top tips on how everyone can afford to undertake an interior design project;

  1. Set goals and visualise –“Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into visible” – Tony Robbins. The most important task associated with affording an interior design project is visualisation.  How do you want your home to look?  How much will it cost?   What date do you want to achieve it by?   If your goal is visualised this will help you be disciplined with your finances.
  2. Maintain strong values around money – People who amass wealth don’t just get lucky. They have strong values around health, wealth, and family that they follow every day.   They save money to put towards the goals they visualise and they feel a strong sense of pleasure when they achieve their goals.
  3. Follow rules and automate them – Our emotions often are the biggest inhibitors to achieving our goals.  People who achieve their financial goals for such services as interior design set up a bank transfer of a specific amount every month no matter what.
  4. Diversify and hold liquid investments – Ever heard the term “don’t place all your eggs in one basket?”  A key tip in achieving financial goals to afford services such as interior design is diversification, which enables you to benefit from growth from property, shares and bonds, not just in Australia but overseas too.
  5. Buy low and sell high – History has told us that the worst time to sell your shares or investment is when the market tanks eg the GFC, this is actually the time to buy. The reason is markets always recover and grow in the longer term.  These periods in the market requires nerves of steel but it’s wise not to make a significant financial decision based on a strong emotion such as fear.


There are so many more ways to build your wealth and take control of your financial future to achieve your goals and afford the things that make you happy, including interior design services to create a beautiful home.   If you would like to find out more feel free to contact Cody Harmon on 0419 432 331 and if you’d like more information about how affordable interior design can be contact us for a free no obligation meeting.