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  • 08

    Flipboard Cafe

    Flipboard Cafe is an obscure little space created specifically to cater to the businesses it nestles between and it is full of interest through the use of rectangular shapes and...

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  • 09

    Karma Kinglake

    Over time it’s becoming clear to me that the key to a great interior is personality reflective of the owners and Karma Kinglake is all about the owners Karen...

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  • 10

    The Mess Hall

    It took me two visits to decide if the Mess Hall left an impression on me and it was on my second visit that I understood why it had,...

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  • 12

    Epocha Carlton

    Set within a beautiful Victorian terrace opposite the equally stunning and historically important Exhibition gardens, you expect a lot from the interior of Epocha and it delivers.

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  • 05

    Hellenic Republic

    When I first visited Helllenic Republic I was totally impressed by the attention to detail of the interior design and the food wasn't half bad either. Obviously, the main...

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