Epocha Carlton

Set within a beautiful Victorian terrace opposite the equally stunning and historically important Exhibition gardens, you expect a lot from the interior of Epocha and it delivers.

Handsome staircase
Handsome staircase

Entering the main dining room you are greeted by a handsome staircase, a vintage dining cart with desserts that tempt you and of course a smile by one of the wait staff. The main dining area is vast both in depth and height and yet the space retains its warmth and supports the purpose of the space of hospitable dining. Despite the height the predominant line is horizontal (rather than vertical) which works well to create a casual, welcoming feel. This line is highlighted by the black border of the main arch and repeated through the table settings.

Three colours dominate this interior, black, white and green. But not just any green, a bright green that is used with effect to create a point of interest in this traditional setting.

The predominate texture is wood, found in the original wood flooring, chairs and tables. Wood is always successful in creating a balanced, grounded, inviting atmosphere which is what the mood of Epocha is, inviting.

Modern pendants bring this interior up to date. Black and circular shaped with gold lining, they work well to light the space with a golden intimate glow.

Through the positioning of the table settings and the pendants, balance is achieved throughout this space.

Over sized vintage clock
Over sized vintage clock

Two features compete for the focal point – is it the working fire place or the over sized vintage clock? The fire place is too small for the space and yet a nice feature and the over sized clock feels a bit out of place as with the random use of other vintage pieces such as the dining cart, glass cabinet and some cutlery. These feel slightly haphazard in purpose, perhaps an attempt to celebrate the building’s Victorian heritage. An interior designer’s editing touch would have been helpful to create a true focal point.

Overall through repeated textures such as rustic wood and the modern elements such as the lighting and colour scheme, especially the green chairs, work well to create a consistent feel which ensures patrons are comfortable in their dining experience while delivering a harmonious feast for the eyes which matches the feast on the menu. It is a special building, painstakingly restored and brought to life to provide diners a memorable dining experience.

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