Ebay Purchases

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For my very first project which was a bathroom refurb in London I bought a lot of pieces I needed from Ebay, from the toilet to the shower screen and base to storage, these items were cheaper than other High St retailers, were delivered in good time and had good returns and refund policies.  I did the same thing for my most recent bathroom refurb and I’ve specified items for residential clients from Ebay, here are my top tips on purchasing through Ebay;

  1. If you see an item you like at another retailer whether online or in a physical store do a search of the item on Ebay, chances are you’ll find it, something similar or better.
  2. Read the returns/refund policy really carefully.
  3. Use the ‘Watch’ option to keep all the items you like saved in one place. This is super helpful to manage your budget and quickly at a glance see if your pieces will work together.
  4. Research the seller to ensure they have positive feedback and to check out their store for other pieces that might interest you.
  5. Be prepared to wait, as some online retailers will be cheaper but will have to bring in stock from their overseas suppliers which could take weeks.


Buying online can save you a lot of money but you can also get it wrong, so it pays to take your time and do your research.  If you really don’t have the time let us help, contact us for a free no obligation meeting to discuss your project.