DIY With A Designer

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We love working in collaboration with our clients for example on our latest residential project,  our clients armed with our concepts and design documentation where able to confidently implement our suggestions and save themselves money on project management so here are our top tips on working with a designer while implementing the project yourself;

  1. Have a good budget for furniture, furnishing, homewares and trades people to install lighting or paint a feature wall for example. A designer will source pieces within your budget but you might fall in love with something a little more expensive or interesting which will lift your space to another level.
  2. Be honest in your brief, the working relationship with a designer is confidential so be completely honest about functionality and how you use a space and what you like and don’t like.
  3. Time is critical when doing it yourself, even with a designer, you need time to review items and visit retailers, place orders, negotiate prices, be available for deliveries, engage tradies. The design implementation stage is the biggest area you can save money when working with a designer but you need to have the time.
  4. Ask questions and learn as much as possible to build your confidence to implement the design as conceptualised by the designer. You want to ensure the money spent on the design is realised accurately.
  5. Have an open mind, working with a designer will produce amazing results for you if you have an open mind and consider the solutions being presented.


We realise that our clients are savvy and resourceful, therefore we deliberately offer a flexible, accessible approach to design.  Which means that anyone can work with an interior designer to create beautiful spaces either residential or hospitality.  If you have a project in mind and need a helping hand to realise your vision contact us for a free no obligation meeting.